TIVIT Interactive: D2I

Watch the webinar: Jukka Ahtikari from D2I SRA

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Mikä on TIVITin Data to Intelligence- eli D2I-ohjelman tarkoitus, tavoite, haasteet ja suunnitelmat? Ohjelman vetäjä Jukka Ahtikari selvittää webinaariesityksessään, missä mennään.

Data to Intelligence (D2I) -program’s target is to support the global trend, and contribute to such emerging ecosystems that boost Finnish international competitiveness through intelligent and automated (context-sensitive, personalized, role based, proactive) data processing technologies linked to new data-driven services that add measurable value, leading to increased knowledge, comfort, productivity or effectiveness.

The target is reached by developing intelligent methods and tools for managing, refining and utilizing diverse data sources, and by creating new, innovative data-intensive business models and services based on these methods.

In this Tivit webinar you can find..

  • The D2I program’s vision, mission and key breakthrough targets
  • Partner organisations and D2I program’s operating model
  • Horizontal WP activities which support the development of various D2I mini-ecosystems
  • Four year general plan for D2I activities