Tivit Interactive: The Internet of Things

Watch the webinar by Wilhelm Rauss on the Internet of Things.

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In the near future the internet and wireless technologies will connect different sources of information such as sensors, mobile phones and cars in an ever tighter manner. This shift is often referred to as the Internet of Things.

To harness the potential of that shift in Finland, big corporations, SMEs and university partners grouped under the TIVIT umbrella for the Internet of Things (IoT) program. The IoT is a four-year program that aims to establish Finnish ICT industry as an internationally recognized leader in the IoT domain. The program is part of TIVIT’s overall goal to position Finland as a gateway between Europe and China in the ICT sector.

In this webinar, Wilhelm Rauss, Focus Area Director at TIVIT, introduces the IoT program with its goals and general plan, timeline, project partners and project achievements so far. The program includes six working packages whose combined goal is to create an open general platform for IoT that would offer horizontal solutions for all major sectors (health, transport, security, energy).

Started in March 2012, the program has already achieved tangible results like 23 published scientific papers, advances in data collection and 3D prototyping as well as closer cooperation ties with the French Cluster and the Chinese partners.